Statistical Analysis and Reporting

The statistical system developed to analyze data from Houston’s SARS-CoV-2 wastewater monitoring system is divided into two components: the analysis of data from wastewater treatment plants and the analysis of data from lift stations and manholes associated with congregate living facilities and schools. The system is versatile and allows the team to generate actionable public health information at different spatial and temporal scales. Quantification of viral load, as well as the presence of virus variants, are both addressed in the analytical system.

Details of the statistical system are provided in chapter two of the Best Practices document. Information from wastewater, sewershed characteristics, and the population are integrated to provide the Houston Health Department with actionable information. The statistical system is semi-automated, resulting in summary reports available to public health authorities and city leadership, shortly after receiving all relevant data. The public-facing dashboard is updated at the beginning of each week.

Data availability

Wastewater surveillance data with code in R language is available on the GitHub repository All code used to fit the models is described in accompanying peer-reviewed publications.

Statistical Analysis and Data Reporting